Our Environment

Chambers take into account the significance of social, ethical and environmental matters when conducting our business. We want to ensure that our employees are safe, happy and proud to work for a company that operates in a responsible manner.

Our business actively reviews our approach to the environment, sustainability and the communities in which we operate and the world at large - both on a daily basis and as we look to develop our plans for the future.

Wood is the only truly renewable natural resource and through responsible forestry management and replantation programmes the world's forests are continually expanding. As a joinery company Chambers always try to ensure that all the timbers we use are sourced from either PEFC or FSC approved suppliers.

At the workshop we carefully manage our processes and materials in order to reduce wastage and maximise the usage of every piece of timber.

We manage our waste carefully, and recycle where possible. Staff are encouraged to do their bit by turning off lights, switching off machinery when not in use and driving efficiently, working together Chambers Joinery believe we can make a positive difference to the world in which we all live.

A superb service from a company always willing to go the extra mile. We are delighted with our work Mr and Mrs Turner