Small Kitchen Ideas

Our expert kitchen design team reveals the secrets that will help you get the most out of your small kitchen.

When your kitchen is on the smaller side, even one person can feel like there’s too many cooks in the kitchen. However, as the trend of downsizing and informal living continues, we’ve found that homeowners in Cumbria are embracing their pint sized kitchens and opting for a redesign. 

A professional redesign allows a kitchen to flow exactly as you need it to - making the most of the space you have. It can also free up much needed room and save time on mundane things like unloading the entire content of your cupboard just to reach that tin of Heinz tomato soup at the back!

As all small kitchen owners know, the main issue is lack of storage and worktop area. Finding space for everything after the weekly shop can sometimes seem like a daunting task. But with Chamber’s stylish, practical and bespoke design solutions - having your dream kitchen doesn’t always have to involve an extension or house move.

Read on to find out what we reveal to be the top small kitchen solutions of the moment.

1. Built in drawer organisers and pull out shelves

A handy solution to getting the most out of your small kitchen is drawer organisers. Their sole purpose is to maximise storage, ensuring that you get the best possible use out of your kitchen drawers. Pull out shelves can also be designed into nooks and crannies of a kitchen, such as that empty space between the stove and cupboards. The Chambers team can work with you to optimise the space that you have in your compact kitchen.

Chambers Kitchens  Chambers Kitchens

2. Space-saving kitchen appliances

Storing items like kettles and microwaves on the worktop surface can immediately make a small kitchen look cluttered. But by helping you choose and install the right space saving appliances, we can help you maximize usable worktop space and reduce visual distractions. For example, a boiling water tap instead of a chunky kettle will free up space, or a built-in microwave will give you more worktop area to play with when preparing dinner. Chambers can design these modern fixtures into your small kitchen layout to give the illusion of space it so desperately needs.

A sliding oven door is another inventive way to save on space in a small kitchen. The door tucks away under the base of your built-in oven, keeping the runway clear for whoever is cooking. Our sleek range of NEFF UK Slide and Hide ovens slide away under the oven door, giving you easier access to the oven, as well as the extra space to balance your baking trays or casserole dishes once removed from the oven itself.

 Chambers Kitchens

3. Colours to suit your small space

It’s a well known fact that lighter tones and pastel shades can make a small kitchen look bigger. How? It’s because light colours help to visually expand a room and give the impression there’s more space around us.

The same goes for the type of material you use on your worktops or cupboards. A marble worktop that has added sparkle or shine, for example, can add extra depth to a small kitchen. Open shelves and transparent cupboards with mirrors on the back can do the same.

 Chambers Kitchens  Chambers Kitchens

4. High-impact kitchen lighting

We’ve already mentioned how a light colour scheme can work wonders for your small kitchen design. But if you’re worried that you’re creativity won’t shine through in a light-coloured design, fear not. There are other areas where character can be added.

For a high impact design element, we suggest adding different textures to your kitchen by putting emphasis on kitchen lighting. This is the perfect place to bring out your creativity, without taking away much needed space. A few options to consider would be:

  • Under / Over Cabinet Lights
  • Close-to-Ceiling Lights
  • Flushmount Fixtures
  • Dropdown and Pendants
  • Plinth Lighting

You can make a series of pendants work in a small kitchen if you go with a delicate look, or if you are truly limited on space, a small sized pendant over the sink might give just enough texture and shine.

 Chambers Kitchens

The next step to designing your new small kitchen in Cumbria

When planning a small kitchen renovation, the first thing to do is to be very clear about what you need within the space. What are your cooking habits? How long do you spend in the kitchen? With this in mind, the kitchen design team at Chambers will work with you to create a tailor made bespoke small kitchen that reflects you and your lifestyle. With a practical and innovative approach, a small kitchen in Cumbria can easily be made to look and feel much larger than it actually is.

So, whether you’re searching for a kitchen company in Workington, kitchens in Whitehaven, kitchens in Cockermouth or indeed a kitchen company in Cumbria - get in touch or step into our showroom to view some of our designs and chat to our friendly small kitchen design team.